Barbora Hlaváčová

Hello! My name is Barbora

and I make WordPress websites.

I am a girl who is not afraid to be in IT and loves it.

How did it begin …

I got acquainted with web design in elementary school. I made my first website using HTML & CSS in 2007. I also worked on websites in high school while studying Virtual Graphics. Immediately after graduating, I joined an advertising agency. It was exactly the moment I found myself in web design! Over the last 11 years, I have worked mainly in agencies, where I have worked on dozens of projects during my tenure. I have also tried out a myriad of technologies. For example: node.js, sass, latte, twig, stylus etc. All combine one element – WordPress. I also visited several Wordcamps in Prague and one Wordcamp Europe in Berlin.

 Agencies where I gained valuable experience:

What a former colleague says about my work?

I worked with Barbora for several years within the WordPress department at Sleighdogs. She has a solid knowledge base and she likes to learn what she can’t do. In addition to creating websites, her strengths are communication and good mood.

Mirka Voláková, colleague from Sleighdogs

Projects I had worked on:

… and now ?

I am currently working as freelancer but I am looking for new job opportunity.


When I am not working I enjoy going out to try good food. I love relaxing with scissors and glue in my hands and making scrapbooking albums. I also own small online stationery.
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